The End of Money

and the Future of Civilization

by Thomas Greco


This book couldn't be more timely, given the current economic situation. Like the proverbial fish that doesn’t know what water is, we swim in an economy built on money that few of us comprehend. And what we don’t know is hurting us. The End of Money and the Future of Civilization demystifies the subjects of money, banking and finance by tracing historical landmarks and important evolutionary shifts that have changed the essential nature of money. Greco’s masterful work lays out the problems and then looks to the future for the next stage in money’s evolution that can liberate us from the current grip of centralized and politicized money power. Greco provides specific design proposals and exchange-system architectures for local, regional, national, and global financial systems. He offers innovative strategies for their implementation and outlines actions that grassroots organizations, businesses, and governments will need to take to achieve success.

ISBN: 9780863157332
Publisher: Floris Books
Format: Paperback