Transformational Teaching

Waldorf-Inspired Methods in the Public School

by Mary Goral


Mary Goral explores ways that Waldorf principles can be applied in public schools to educate children for life rather than simply to meet the demands of rigid, one-size-fits-all programmes. She points out ways that Waldorf methods require teachers and parents to engage more fully with students, to practice ways of self-development, and to build a greater sense of community. Using the concrete example of the 'Waldorf-inspired Cadre' - a group of state-school teachers 'who have agreed to go on such a journey, take risks, and learn new skills along with their students' - Dr Goral shows how teachers can bring many of the benefits of Waldorf education into the public setting, with remarkable results.

ISBN: 9780880107044
Publisher: Anthroposophic Press
Format: Spiral bound A4