Awakening to Child Health I

Nurturing Children's Well-being

by Raoul Goldberg MD


Awakening to Child Health is the fruit of lifelong research into the sources of children’s well being. Raoul Goldberg offers a thoughtful, empathetic approach to children for doctors, therapists, carers, educators and parents. He starts by re-connecting with the wonder of childhood through evoking one’s own experience as a child. This is a comprehensive resource about the physical, soul and spiritual development of children and adolescents.

Raoul Goldberg draws on his research, medical work and Rudolf Steiner’s insights into child growth and holistic medicine with:

  • Ways to re-connect with the genius of childhood so as to strengthen your own ‘sense for health’ in raising children
  • A unique road map of child and teenage development, informed by embryology, physiology, psychology and spirituality
  • The prenatal journey of the incarnating child: where do we come from?
  • Helpful understanding of the three births of childhood-of the body, soul and spirit
  • Ways of observing and understanding children using insights into the seven life processes, four temperaments, three physical types and seven character types

Dr Raoul Goldberg runs the Syringa Health Centre, a holistic clinic for general practice with a range of complementary therapies in Capetown. He has worked as a Steiner-Waldorf School doctor for many years.

“Support and guidance in nurturing young people in challenging times.”
Michaela Glöckler MD

“Here are imaginative and creative ways of understanding childhood, with wisdom, love and respect for children and their development.”
Dr Saskia Renkema, GP, Blackthorn Medical Centre

ISBN: 9781903458815
Publisher: Hawthorn Press
Format: Hardback