Corona and the Human Heart

Illuminating riddles of immunity, conscience and common sense

by Michaela Glockler


In Corona and the Human Heart, Dr Glöckler gives new inspiring perspectives on the significant role of the human heart in the development of the immune system, from early embryological growth through to adulthood, and the importance this understanding has for the Covid crisis. The heart is intrinsically involved in the interplay between inner and outer, the dynamic boundary between self and the environment. At the same time it is the centre and life-blood of the human organism, just as the sun is for the living earth. In exploring the wide fields of the heart’s functions, Dr Glöckler sheds light on how immunity is integrally connected with the heart and the inner sense of self. If we disempower the individual through anxieties and fears, or through dependence on outer authority, we reduce the confidence and strength of self; this in turn leads to a significantly reduced ability of the immune system to fend itself against outer influences, such as viruses and other pathogenetic influences. The author leads us on a path showing how by strengthening our inner spiritual life – our inner sun – we will be strengthening our health and immunity, as well as illuminating riddles of conscience and common sense.

"When people follow their conscience and have the courage to speak the truth, even when it is unpopular, without the fear of stigmatisation or exclusion, not only is the immune system strengthened but also people’s trust in the future."
M. Glöckler, MD.

"This timely book represents a breakthrough in phenomenological research that will provide far-reaching insights not only to those who are prompted by the current pandemic to ask deeper questions related to health and medical freedom, but also to all open-minded researchers in pursuit of bridging the mind-body divide."
B. Furst, MD.

ISBN: 9780952836452
Publisher: InterActions
Format: Paperback

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