Sexuality, Partnership and Marriage

from a Spiritual Perspective

by Wolfgang Gadeke


Sexuality, partnership and marriage present us with some of the most difficult challenges and questions of our time. With society's attitudes in constant flux, some of these questions appear to be almost unanswerable. What is a healthy relationship? What role should a partner - whether male or female - play? How should sexuality play into a relationship? Are marriage and monogamy still relevant in the twenty-first century? In this invaluable collection of accessible interviews and lectures, the author deals with these and many other questions with refreshing candour. Having gained much knowledge from his many years' work as a priest, marriage counsellor and his studies of anthroposophy, G├Ądeke's approach is full of spiritual insight but simultaneously frank, practical and down-to-earth. Among the themes discussed are: overcoming the inability to communicate; finding one's essential self within a marriage; the role of children in a relationship; sexuality and children; perversions; the role of counselling; relationships and monogamy; the concept of marriage and its spiritual repercussions; biological and soul differences; and, the fundamental sexual polarity of man and woman.

ISBN: 9780904693997
Publisher: Temple Lodge
Format: Paperback