A New Theory of Language

by Carl H. Flygt

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The threefold social order was Rudolf Steiner’s conception of an archetypal social organization that would utilize the norms of universal spiritual initiation, individual freedom, and the fundamental social law. A social science purporting to encompass these norms has yet to arise, but with Carl H. Flygt’s book, a step in that direction has been achieved. 

Flygt’s argument is that the phenomenon of conversation has an objectively treatable structure and, as such, can be held to standards that not only can awaken human clairvoyance, but can also liberate the emotions and the spiritual will and contribute to a cultural background that makes real community into an explicit and fundamental social value. Flygt’s treatment of language use and social background is penetratingly original, academically up to date, and anthroposophically convincing.

ISBN: 9781584200383
Publisher: Lindisfarne Books
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