Silence is Complicity

A Call to Let Teachers Improve Our Schools Through Action Research - Not CLBB (No Child Left Behind)

by Torin M. Finser


What if the voices of our teachers were truly heard in today's public discourse? Teachers work with children everyday and have always understood intuitively the materials and curriculum needed. Teacher research, however, allows teachers to go beyond intuitive understanding to a level of documented inquiry that can stand the light public scrutiny in publications, news media, workshops, and town meetings. Dr Finser offers teachers the tools needed to speak out and be heard, empowering their advocacy for educational change. With first-hand experience and earned knowledge, teachers have the real authority to mandate the needs of their students. Teacher research, as outlined in this book, can support a dynamic counter-movement that empowers teachers, parents, and communities to say, 'Politicians, back off!'.

ISBN: 9780880105804
Publisher: Steiner Books
Format: Paperback

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