In Place of the Self

How Drugs Work

by Ron Dunselman

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As drug use rises, the challenge of drug dependency increases. Some people view using recreational drugs such as ecstacy or cannabis as a personal choice, like smoking or drinking alcohol. There are pressures for decriminalising drugs, offering better prevention, health support and education. Ron Dunselman sheds important new light on addiction, so that both individuals and professionals can make more informed choices.

Drawing on extensive research with drug users and his rehabilitation work as a psychologist, he offers remarkable insights into:

- Why drugs, and the changed states they induce, are so attractive to users

- The origin and history of drugs, and their striking/profound effects on human consciousness

- Personal stories by users, and detailed descriptions of the physical, psychological and spiritual effects of each drug

- How drugs undermine personal identity, at a time when more and more people are open to spiritual experiences.

ISBN: 9781903458266
Publisher: Hawthorn Press
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