The Elves' Big Adventure

by Daniela Drescher

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Old Redcap, an inventor elf, is proud of his best creation: a hot-air balloon with extra wings for steering. Suddenly Bluecap, a young elf, comes rushing through the woods. A fox has nibbled at the ropes holding the balloon down! Redcap and Bluecap both grab a rope, but can't stop the balloon rising into the sky -- with the two elves still attached. Eventually darkness falls, and so does the balloon. When they wake the next morning, they find themselves in the land of the fairies, stuck on rocks which turn out to be a sleeping dragon. Their adventure is only just beginning. This is an exciting new story from the author and illustrator of In the Land of Fairies, In the Land of Elves, and In the Land of Merfolk.

Age Range: From 4 to 7 years

ISBN: 9780863155949
Publisher: Floris Books
Format: Hardback