The Invisible Power within Foods

A Comparison of Organic and Non-Organic

by A.W. Danzer

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I am pleased to provide a preface to a book on nutrition that starts with a philosophy of life. In my work I have often seen that traumatic experiences can be the basis for disease. The idea that disease patterns simply reflect, or indicate the presence of, deeper psychological or spiritual conflicts is founded on this insight, and in the spirit of true psychosomatic medicine puts the soul before the body. Nonetheless, psychosomatic medicine also attaches great importance to the body and its nutrition using plant-based and wholesome “peace food”.

Medical studies taught me very little about nutrition, most of it being either false or shortsighted. Conventional medicine only recognizes the physical aspect of food, which amounts to merely counting calories. It cannot grasp the concept of quality and is unable to distinguish organic from conventional food. Even the vegan scene often has problems there. White flour and white sugar may be vegan, but they are not healthy.

If we do not grasp the concept of food quality, we cannot understand the importance of freshness, yet both are essential for a healthy diet. This became clear to me when I was working on The Secret of Life-Energy in our Food. Information and order in our food—both closely connected to the sunlight stored in food—are the keys to a long and healthy life. Both can be tasted, yet their existence cannot be proven scientifically.

This book represents a decisive step forward by making food quality visible, and revealing the order in food in a meaningful way. Organic food distinguishes itself clearly from the chaos found in conventional, industrial food. Erwin Schrödinger, winner of a Nobel Prize in physics, considered the sunlight stored in food as the key factor of its order.

The crystallization technique presented here reveals the inner order of organic food through beautiful images that speak for themselves. According to Nobel Laureate Ilya Prigogine, we rely on constantly absorbing order, in order to live and grow. Through different methods, such as copper-crystallization tests, anthroposophical researchers have long tried to define quality. The method used by Swiss company Soyana’s laboratory leans on old spagyric procedures*) and succeeds in making food quality visible for everyone. Even just an initial glance at the results will reveal the sky-vast differences between conventional and organic vegetables. Even small children can immediately recognize the beauty of the images of organic plants. The method presented here is standardized and free from arbitrariness, representing a quantum leap beyond the ice-crystal images of Emoto. It convinces through its simplicity and the appealing beauty of the photographs. For the first time organic food quality has become clearly visible.

From the Foreward by Ruediger Dahlke M.D.
Doctor, psychotherapist and author

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