Time Stands Still

New Light on Megalithic Science

by Keith Critchlow

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Keith Critchlow, an internationally-renowned scholar, has studied a wide range of Neolithic artefacts. In Time Stands Still, he adopts a technique of cross-cultural comparison to uncover some previously unknown characteristics of the Neolithic peoples. He takes ancient temple-building manuals from Indian Vedic sources, for example, and applies them to British sites -- with fascinating results. He examines Chinese pictographs for evidence of sighting instruments and scientific tools. Perhaps most significantly, he offers evidence that stone-carved spheres with regular mathematical symmetries, found in Scotland, pre-date Plato's writings on geometric figures by more than a thousand years. The remarkable findings of this groundbreaking book are just as important today as when the book was first published.

Photography by Rod Bull

Edition: 2nd edition

ISBN: 9780863155871
Publisher: Floris Books
Format: Paperback

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