To Cause a Death

The Aftermath of an Accidental Killing

by Kelly Connor

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Thirty-three years ago Kelly Connor was a carefree 17-year-old with her life ahead of her. One sunny morning in Perth, Australia, she borrowed her father's car to travel to work, having recently passed her driving test. But this very ordinary trip was soon to be marred by horror. Driving on a clear road, Kelly knocked down and killed an elderly pedestrian. Although she avoided convictions of manslaughter and reckless driving, the incident was to have a powerful impact on her life. Kelly soon discovered that family and friends did not want to talk about what had happened, while she, in contrast, began to be haunted by the event. So began a cycle of profound inner experiences, and outer life changes. Kelly Connor, aged 17 To Cause a Death is the remarkable true story of the aftermath of an accidental killing, written from the point of view of the person who caused the accident. It traces Kelly Connor's life from the depths of despair, sojourns in mental hospitals and a failed suicide attempt, to a path of personal and spiritual development. It shows how the passage of the author's life has allowed her to come to some comprehension of the tragic accident of her youth. While much has been written by relatives and friends of victims, little material exists on the impact on the perpetrators. This book is essential reading for anybody concerned with the challenge of inner growth and the trials of life.

ISBN: 9781902636559
Publisher: Clairview Books
Format: Paperback