Baking Bread with Children

by Warren Lee Cohen


With a little know-how anyone can transform a few basic ingredients into a delicious, sustaining loaf of bread. Baking Bread with Children has everything you need to share the magic of baking with children of all ages. The techniques and recipes are cleverly seasoned with stories, songs and poems to make the whole process really enjoyable for everyone. There are also instructions for building and using a bread oven, baking projects for kindergarten and school, and useful nutritional information. Warren Lee Cohen has over 20 years experience of baking bread with children and adults, building bread ovens and teaching bread workshops.

“… Baking Bread with Children is sure to nourish body, mind and spirit, awakening our innate capacity to live life fully and expressively.”
Edward Espe Brown, author of the Tassajara Bread Book

“Baking bread at home with children is a wonderful thing to do. This delightful book provides the ideal guidelines and inspiration. I strongly recommend it!”
Mollie Katzen, author of Moosewood Cookbook.

“This delightful cornucopia extends an invitation to share the magic of baking bread with children of all ages … Information about the seven different grains, wheat sensitivities, allergies and coeliac disease is presented clearly. Bread projects and educational activities includes 12 steps to building and firing your own earthen bread oven.”
Montessori International

“Beautifully interlaced with drawings, poems, songs and stories … Exactly the sort of book that parents are desperate for during wet summer holidays.”
Permaculture Magazine

ISBN: 9781903458600
Publisher: Hawthorn Press
Format: Paperback