Understand Your Temperament

A Guide to the Four Temperaments - Choleric, Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Melancholic

by Gilbert Childs


How can we better understand ourselves and others? The classical concept of the four temperaments - the four personality types characterized as the fiery choleric, the airy sanguine, the watery phlegmatic and the earthy melancholic - has been revered by many significant thinkers over the ages. In a refreshing treatment Dr Childs demonstrates how this ancient doctrine remains relevant to the present day. He shows us how we can recognize the temperaments in our fellow human beings as well as in ourselves, and how to understand their workings. A comprehension of their influence can boost personal development, as well as help improve interpersonal relationships.

Conversational in tone and easily digestible, this book features fascinating discussions of the relationships between adults of various temperaments. Childs reviews matters of compatibility in partnership, family and workplace situations, liberally spicing his commentary with amusing examples of likely scenarios.

He investigates the origins and manifestations of the temperaments in both their psychological and physiological aspects. There is also a section on the temperaments of children, with helpful and practical advice on dealing with individual issues.

ISBN: 9781855840256
Publisher: Sophia Books
Format: Paperback

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