Cancer Recovery Guide

15 Alternative and Complementary Strategies for Restoring Health

by Jonathan Chamberlain


What people said about Jonathan's previous book:

'Mr. Chamberlain has a voice that is at once humble and powerful'.. He speaks from the heart, but clearly wants you to use your head. Good combination.'

'I now can recommend your book to the people in my support group, as "the" book to read. You have covered just about everything.'
John Thompson, cancer patient

'This book tells me everything I want to know. Why didn't my doctor tell me this?'
Rev. Bill Newbern, cancer patient

In Europe and the USA we have a 40-50% chance of getting cancer at some time in our lives. So what do you do if you are diagnosed with the disease? The harshness of orthodox treatments (surgery, radiation and chemotherapy) are well-known. Their use is widespread, but their results are not impressive. Faced with these options, informed patients are increasingly seeking out alternative or complementary strategies to take control of their own healing. This book provides an overview of them.

Jonathan Chamberlain watched his wife suffer and eventually die - both from her cancer and from the direct effects of the orthodox treatments she had undergone. This experience led him on a journey in search of other methods of overcoming cancer. What he discovered stunned him. There are cures out there - dozens of them - many offering very good chances of recovery.

In Cancer Recovery Guide Chamberlain presents 15 simple, practical strategies for becoming well again. These strategies are grouped in three families: those relating to the mind and the emotions (did you know stress makes cancers more aggressive?); those relating to the health of the whole body (cancer cannot survive in a tissue environment that is truly healthy); and those that focus on directly attacking the cancer tumours. The personal stories cited throughout the book testify to the curative possibilities of the strategies presented.

March 2008;

ISBN: 9781905570393
Publisher: Clairview Books
Format: Paperback