The Breakdown of Climate

Human Choices or Global Disaster?

by Peter Bunyard


El Nino, the collapse of the Gulf Stream, devastating hurricanes and floods -- many natural disasters have been linked in recent years to global warming and other climatic changes. Are these events part of a natural cycle, or have we reached the limits of Earth's ability to perpetuate these cycles? Our very survival depends on our relationship with the natural climate. The Breakdown of Climate depicts how human activities have influenced weather patterns and created imbalances throughout the natural world; imbalances which now pose a very real threat to human health, agriculture and existence

The author addresses issues such as deforestation and environmental pollution, explaining how they are causing damage beyond their places of origin. He creates awareness of the risks associated with some modern industrial and agricultural practices, and suggests alternatives that mights allow the earth to regain its natural equilibrium. The Breakdown of Climate gives a clear overall picture of climate, from its origins to the present day, comparing the cause and effects of evolutionary changes with human influences.

It explains how weather systems function, and how oceanic currents and tropical forests are vital in maintaining these systems. The author describes how natural systems perpetuate themselves, and are essential to our planet as a whole. In the midst of a seemingly hopeless scenario, The Breakdown of Climate offers hope to all those genuinely concerned about the increased violence and occurrence of natural disasters.

ISBN: 9780863152962
Publisher: Floris Books
Format: Paperback

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