The Crisis of Civilisation

by G.A. Bondarev


From the foreword:

The First Edition of this book was intended only for a small circle of anthroposophists who are able to symptomatologically penetrate the complex phenomenology of the social, political, cultural and religious life of today on the basis of a sound application of Rudolf Steiner's spiritual-scientific methods of research. As was to be expected, this intention did not spare the author from attacks by groups within the Anthroposophical Society who labour under an organically conditioned inability to understand their own times and the meaning of contemporary events. In such people the thinking capacity moves only from one prejudice to another and remains immersed in the current of ideologies fashioned for everyday use, that contain all sorts of absurdities, prejudices and distortions.

However, this should not surprise us when we consider that Anthroposophy is, firstly, above all a science, i.e. a spiritual science, and therefore in a certain way more complicated than any other science at present, and correspondingly few people have sufficient forces and enthusiasm to grasp it scientifically; and, secondly, that Anthroposophy is exposed to massive slanderous attacks from all sides, which easily creates uncertainty in the minds of those who approach it with an albeit sincere but superficial interest. Yet the author has also experienced an amazing thing: the positive reception of his book by non anthroposophical readers. This shows that many people are well able to systematically research events 'behind the scenes' together with their occult background, and understand the allegorical language of meta-history.

In short, the author has had the opportunity to convince himself again of the truth of the ancient saying that 'the spirit weaves where it will'. It confirmed his decision to publish the 2nd Edition in a slightly revised form for the free evaluation of any reader who is concerned about the deepening cultural crisis. Regardless of our varying convictions, values and prejudices we share, after all, a common destiny where the further existence of our civilization is concerned. It is the duty of everyone to care for it and to ensure its continuation.

ISBN: bondarev-tcoc
Publisher: Unknown Publisher
Format: Spiral bound A4