Crying and Restlessness in Babies

A Parent's Guide to Natural Sleeping

by Ria Blom

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Every parent knows the sound of a baby who won't settle down to sleep. Crying and restlessness, especially in young babies, can be both distressing and tiring. Ria Blom is an expert in swaddling -- ways of wrapping babies securely, to help them relax naturally into sleep. Swaddling works by inducing a sense of safety and comfort in the baby -- and it can work wonders for the parent as well! Ria Blom's ideas are increasingly being implemented in health centres and hospitals in the Netherlands, and have seen a remarkable 42% in reduction in crying after one week of using her techniques, and 50% after two weeks. This book offers quick solutions for parents under immediate stress, as well as plenty of background information about sleeping patterns and baby routines.

ISBN: 9780863154911
Publisher: Floris Books
Format: Paperback