What Coleridge Thought

by Owen Barfield


"Even a casual survey of the varied prose works in which Samuel Taylor Coleridge expressed his ideas on life and art gives immediately the impression of irreducible chaos. Beyond the simple physical dispersion of these works—the numerous letters and lectures, the involute notebooks, the several works published and unpublished in addition to The Friend and Biographia Literaria — there is the complexity of Coleridge’s thought: altogether a formidable challenge to any scholar. After years of sympathetic reading and thinking, Owen Barfield presents Coleridge’s ideas in coherent form, short of philosophical systematization but carefully organized to demonstrate precisely what his ideas were and how they develop." "Owen Barfield is a prophet of the New Consciousness who has been around a long time; and he may well be the most comprehensive and critically incisive of them all." — The Kirkus Reviews

ISBN: 9780956942340
Publisher: Barfield Press UK
Format: Paperback