The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz

A Commentary on a Christian Path of Initiation

by Bastiaan Baan


The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz is one of the most important writings of esoteric Christianity, first published anonymously in German in 1616. It is an allegorical story divided into seven journeys about how Christian Rosenkreutz was invited to a castle to assist the 'chymical wedding' of the king and queen. 'Chymical' is an old form of the word chemical and refers to alchemy, whose aim is the uniting of opposites -- hence, the sacred wedding.

It is a book concerned with the inner transformation of the soul. Bastiaan Baan's interpretation and commentary makes this work accessible to readers of today, and shows the special language Andreae used to express the meditative content of his text. He delves deep to uncover the original significance, combining images and concepts from alchemy with insights from Rudolf Steiner's teachings. He concludes that the content is as valuable today as it was hundreds of years ago.

The book contains the complete text of the Chymical Wedding.

ISBN: 9781782503170
Publisher: Floris Books
Format: Paperback

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