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  • In Place of the Self


  • The Electronic Doppelgänger


  • The Rose Cross meditation


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The Wellspring Bookshop is the trading outlet for The Rudolf Steiner Book Trust, a registered charity which aims to promote Anthroposophy and to make more widely known the name and works of its founder, Rudolf Steiner.

Newsletter: Re-enlivening Society

Our last two newsletters (available on our website if you missed them) have referred to great polarisations developing in the world between the forces of darkness and light. We have sketched how both have origins reaching very far into the past, how their interplay will continue far into the future, and how from an anthroposophical point of view the present time is an extra-ordinarily critical moment of choice and transformation. read more


Anthroposophy is a world view that can be characterised as the awakening of the human spirit. Our endeavour is to work towards integrating Anthroposophy, and the range of Steiner's thought which was universal in scope, as widely as possible into the mainstream of cultural life. read more

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  • Light Root


  • The Bilderbergers


  • Digital Inferno