The Return of Merlin

Star Lore and the Patterns of History

by Gordon Strachan


The figure of Merlin has seen a revival in recent years, especially in the form of cultural icons such as Obi wan Kenobi, Gandalf and Dumbledore. This fascinating new book looks at the two main Merlin traditions: the cosmic Merlin of the stars, part of the Arthurian legends; and the earthly Merlin of nature, grounded in human history. Gordon Strachan, author of Jesus the Master Builder, takes us on a compelling journey through Merlin's stories. He discovers a remarkable pattern: Merlin-esque characters, and events relating to Merlin, reappear throughout British history in roughly 700-year cycles. He considers where else in history we can see this pattern emerging, and challenges readers to find their own links to history based on their birth dates


ISBN: 9780863155536
Publisher: Floris Books
Format: Paperback

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