Goethe's World View

by Rudolf Steiner

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Active reading of this book can heal the mind/body split that has tormented thinking people for centuries. It shows that my ideas belong not only to me but also to the world I perceive with my physical senses. 'Whoever lives the true life in the world of ideas, feels working in himself the being of the world in a warmth that cannot be compared to anything else (p. 163).'


I. Goethe's Place in the Development of Western Thought Goethe and Schiller The Platonic World View The Consequences of the Platonic World View Goethe and the Platonic World View Personality and World View The Metamorphosis of World Phenomena

II. Goethe's View on the Nature and Development of Living Beings Metamorphosis

III. The Contemplation of the World of Colors The Phenomena of the World of Colors

IV. Thoughts about the Developmental History of the Phenomena of Earth and Air Thoughts about the Developmental History of the Phenomena of the Earth Observations about Atmospheric Phenomena

V. Goethe and Hegel Epilogue

Translated by William Lindeman;

163 pages;

ISBN: 9780936132716
Publisher: Mercury Press
Format: Paperback