Getting Old

by Rudolf Steiner

Getting Old
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Excerpts from Rudolf Steiner's complete works, compiled and with a commentary by Gisela Gaumnitz.

This compilation of extracts from Rudolf Steiner's work, provides a penetrating look at many rarely noticed inner and outer aspects of the aging process. Gisela Gaumnitz has searched far and wide in an effort to gather all of Steiner's comments on this subect, and has organised them in accordance with meaningful thematic perspectives. Some 220 selections concerning old age, aging, the human and cosmic course of life, and the transformation of impressions from youth, are brought together here from over 100 volumes of Rudolf Steiner's lectures. Aging affetcs us all. The fact that nearly every third volume of Rudolf Steiner's complete works includes comments on aging shows how important he considered the topic. This volume will serve as a basis for a thorough exploration of life's deep questions as well as a resource for studying numerous specific aspects of aging.

Content: 290 pages

Dimensions: 21 x 14 cms

ISBN: wynGettingOld
Publisher: Mercury Press
Format: paperback